Can Delightable pull multiple Brink menus?

Yes, we support pulling in multiple menus from the Brink API.

How do I synchronize menu updates made in Brink?

You can make all the updates to your menu in Brink then save and publish them. Once the changes are published you need to run a sync job in POSaaS to have the changes reflected on the Delightable online ordering page.

Can I disable an item or modifier for online ordering but keep it enabled for an in-store menu?

Brink does not have an option to disable an item just for online ordering. However, we can override the activity status of an item in Delightable to not show an active item in Brink for online ordering.

Do item images import from the Brink POS to Delightable?

canRetrieving item images from Brink API when fetching menu data is not possible with the current integration. However, we have the ability to assign images to your menu items. You can upload the images to a Delightable picture collection and then assign those images to your menu items.

Does Delightable support pulling in sort priorities and category, item descriptions from the Brink menu?

Yes, we can pull sort priorities of items and modifiers and arrange them in that order on the ordering page. We also support pulling over category and item descriptions.