Learn the differences between both upsells to understand them better.

1. Static upsell is a more general item recommendation but the Smart upsell is a more personalized recommendation based on customers’ collective buying behavior.


2. Static upsell items will always show up in the cart irrespective of what main items the customers add to the cart. Whereas, the Smart upsell items will appear to the customers depending upon what items they add to the cart.


3. Static upsell items will only show up in the cart, whereas, the Smart upsell items show up as pop-ups and if ignored by the customers, will again show up in the cart alongside the Static upsell items during the checkout process.


4. For Static upsell, the restaurants can manually choose what items they want to upsell, but they have no control over the Smart upsells as these are only processed by the system.


5. Once the customers add the Smart upsell items from pop-ups or from the cart, those items will disappear from the suggestion box in the cart. But the Static upsells will still show up in the suggestion box after adding them.