Upsell items are the additional items that people would be interested in buying along with the main item(s). This helps Restaurants to promote different menu items to increase their ticket size and boost sales.

Restaurants can select and enable menu items as upsell items. These items will show up in the suggestion box inside the cart during the checkout process.


How to enable Static Upsell items?

Take the following steps to enable items to show up in the cart:

1. Go to a menu item.

2. Click on the empty star iconalongside the item.


Note: This functionality must be activated at the Channel level. So for this, contact the Zuppler Support Team on the toll-free no.: +1 (888)-987-7537.

How will this appear in the cart?

Highlighted in yellow are Static Upsell items in the cart.

The customers can add any number of items they wish by clicking on the +ADD button below the item.