The Immersive Ordering Menu is the enhanced version of the Visual Ordering Menu that gives a visual aid to both menu items and modifier items.

Its key capabilities include:

  • Visual menu, see Figure 1: Visual Menu
  • Visual modifier items, see Figure 2,3: Visual Modifier Items
  • Immersive experience escalates the overall customer experience

How to add an item to the bag?

1. Click on the modifier item images to add them.

2. To add more units, hover over the top half of the selected item and click on

Similarly, to reduce the amount, hover over the bottom half of the image and click on


3. Now check all the items you’ve added, see the total cost next to the Add to bag button, and select it to further continue with the ordering process.



Figure 1: Visual Ordering Menu

Figure 2: Visual Modifier Items


Figure 3: Visual Modifier Items