Visual Branded Menu is a visualized version of the text-based Standard online ordering menu. It has:

  • More visual appeal, thus provides a visual experience for your customers while ordering. See Figure 1: Visual Menu
  • Enlarged and beautifully shot good quality food images with highlighted menu names.
  • Expanded item image on a single click. See Figure 2: Expanded item image
  • A drill-down approach, where clicking on a menu picture leads the customer to its detailed items list. See Figure 3: Drilled down items in a category
  • Better overall customer experience with more conversions and higher ticket averages.



1. Use high-resolution images.

2. Don’t use stock photographs, click real pictures of your food items. (Hiring food photographers will be a well-worth investment).



                  Figure 1: Visual Menu


      Figure 2: Expanded item image


    Figure 3: Drilled down items in a category