A Specials menu is a time-bound menu which is only available for a specific day(s) and time period of a week. 

Use this guide to create a Specials menu.

Initial Steps

1. Be on Control Panel,

2. Go to Menu tab


How to create a Specials menu?

Let's say, you want to create a menu called "Wednesday Special" that is available only on Wednesdays from 11 am to 3 pm. The menu items will only be available for Delivery and Pickup order types.

How to add a menu?

1. Click on the add button

Now, go to the Add/Edit Special box that appears on the right side of your computer screen and

2. Add Name,

 3. Save it,

Important: Make sure that Show this menu and Show categories in tabs check-boxes are checked-in.

Now the Wednesday Special menu has been added as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Be on Wednesday Special and go to Edit,

  Find the Add/Edit Special box on the right side of the screen and 

5. Click the drop-down icon of Applies to option and select Custom,

6. Now select order types for the items in the menu,

7. Check-in Wed and select time interval,

8. Save it

Note: The Wednesday Special menu will only show up in the Online ordering page once you'll add a category to the menu.

How to add a category to the menu?

Let's add a category called "Specials" to the Wednesday Special menu.

1. Go to the Wednesday Special tab and then

2. Click on Add Category

Go to the Wednesday Special's Category box that appears on the right side of the screen and

3. Add Name,

4. Save it

The Specials category is added to the Wednesday Specials menu as shown below:

How to add an item to the category?

Let's say, you want to add a BBQ Chicken Pizza item to the Specials category

So for this,

1. Hover over the Specials category and click Add Item,

2. Add the item and

3. Save it

Note: The system will automatically add the item description and picture from the default Menu.

The item is added to the category as shown below:

How to add a price to the item?

Let's give it a price, say $8.99

1. Go to BBQ Chicken Pizza,

2. Go to Price and click on the digits

3. Add price

How it appears on the Order online menu?

1. Go to the Order online menu,

2. Click on the WEDNESDAY SPECIAL menu

Now if you click the BBQ Chicken Pizza item, the system asks the customer to first choose the type of order followed by the day and time selection.

Note: As per the settings above, the order is only available for the Delivery and Pickup order types on Wednesdays from 11am to 3pm. So the system will automatically take off the order on selecting the Curb service, days other than Wednesday, or time outside the defined time interval while showing the following message:

How to add BBQ Chicken Pizza item to the bag?

      1. Select Delivery or Pickup (as per the settings above),

2. Go to OTHER,

3. Select the Date that falls on Wednesdays (the system will automatically choose the next Wednesday),

4. Adjust time (let's say 12:30 pm),

5. Scroll down and hit Order

6. Now click on Add to bag to further continue with the ordering.