Learn what is Regular menu and the Specials menu. How you can manage your menu on the online ordering page from the Control Panel

(This Menu topic is divided into a series of 18 articles that cover different features of the Standard text-only menu. You can go through them serially or skip straight to the article you want to read and try out different settings to see how it all works.)

Initial Steps

1. Be on Control Panel,

2. Go to Menu tab


What is the Regular menu?

The Regular menu (also main menu) is the menu that is available at all times and days of the week with the items that you generally serve to your customers. It contains all the main dishes that you serve on a daily basis.

Zuppler online ordering comes with a default menu under the name Menu that you can edit later according to your needs. See the following screenshot of the Menu:

How to disable the Regular menu?

Let's assume, you only have a Specials menu and don't have an all-day Menu. So if you want to hide the default Menu then,


1. Go to the Menu tab,

2. Click on Edit,


Go to the Edit Main Menu box that appears on the right side of your computer screen then,

3. Un-check the Show this menu box and

4. Save it

What is a Specials menu?

A Specials menu is a time-bound menu that is available only on a specific day(s) or times of the week. With the Specials menu, you can create different combinations of menu items, add different sizes and prices, and learn more about your customers' choices.

You can create a number of additional menus along with the default menu. For example:

  • Day specials-
    • Monday Specials 
    • Wednesday Specials
  • Meal specials-
    • Lunch Menu
    • Dinner Menu

Here are two examples of Specials menus:

1. Lunch Menu

2. Coupons and Specials menu

How to edit the Specials menu?

You can control the Specials menu for their service type and the days and time the menu will be available to the customers.

For example, let's see what are the options available for the Lunch Menu.

1. Go to Lunch Menu,

2. Click on Edit

Find Add/Edit Special box that appears on the right side of the screen. 

  • Here, you can give it a name, select service types, and days and hours of the week the menu items will be available.


How the Specials menu appears in the Order online menu?

1. Go to Order online menu,


On the Online ordering page, when a customer goes to the LUNCH MENU they can see the time period and days when the menu will be available:

When they click on an item in the LUNCH MENU, the system will ask to select the type of order followed by the selection of time. 

1. Select order type

2. Select time

If the item is not available for the selected type of order or time, the system will pop a message on the top of your screen saying the item is not available for the selected type of order or time while taking that order off.

The pop-up message looks like the following screenshot:

How to set a menu as a default selected menu in the Order online menu?

You can set a menu as a default selected menu so this menu will show up to the customer first when they come to the Online Ordering Page.

Note: The default Menu is already set as a default selected menu in the Order online menu. But you can override this setting by following the steps given below.

Let's say, you want to make the Lunch Menu to be the default selection on the Online Ordering Menu page. So for this,

1. Go to the Lunch Menu tab,

2. Click on Set Default Menu

Now the LUNCH MENU will appear to the customer while visiting the Online Ordering page.

How to disable a Specials menu?

Let's assume, you were running a limited-time promotion and campaign so you created a Coupons and Specials menu for your potential customers. Now the campaign has ended and you want to quickly hide it, so for this, 

1. Go to the Coupons and Specials menu,

2. Click on Edit

     3. Un-check the Show this menu box and

4. Save it

  • To re-enable it, go to Edit > check-in Show this menu > Save.  So all the items will automatically show up in the Order online menu. This way you can quickly run a promotion by making it available and taking it off immediately.

Note: You can have a Special menu that you want to make available all day because you want to separate it from the default menu. For example, Coupons and Specials menu that can be made available all day.