With this form of notification and confirmation, the restaurant staff should be expecting all orders to come through via their fax machine as well as an automated phone call to confirm the order.


*Please note: If the phone number provided to Zuppler during onboarding goes to an automated system on the restaurant’s end, then IVR confirmation may not be possible and a new method of confirming orders should be chosen. 

The faxed order will have all relevant order information as well as a 4-Digit Order Confirmation Code. 

Once an order is placed, it will be faxed to the store and an automated phone call will be placed to the store number.  The message will prompt the person on the phone to enter in the 4-Digit Order Confirmation Code included in the order information as shown:

Be aware that the automated call often takes place quite quickly after an order is placed. If the code is entered incorrectly, the call is not picked up, or the phone line is busy, an order will be tagged as "Missed."  If this happens, our support team will immediately reach out to the restaurant to confirm the missed order.

Our customer service team is available 24/7, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns with any orders, they can reach out to the customers on your behalf to update, edit or cancel orders. help@zuppler.com 1-888- ZUPPLER (9877537).