Zuppler also supports the ability for restaurants to allow guests to drive up to the storefront while staff brings the order out to the vehicle that was listed during the checkout process.


How to enable Curbside Pickup


In the control panel go to configurations. Click on services, choose “edit services”, check curbside and save. Curbside is now enabled.

Don't forget to add a note to the user in the description section by selecting “Edit Curbside” to "Please call us <your store number> when you arrive." This note will be displayed when the user is ordering for curbside pickup.

In the menu, the user is prompted to select an order type. 

When “Curb Service” is selected the user is prompted to enter vehicle make, model, color and type.

The order type Curbside is displayed in the CS APP and provides the vehicle description the user entered.

The curbside information is also displayed in the emails received by the restaurant and guest.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions by emailing or by calling toll-free: 1-888-987-7537