Connect to your POS

Caterease Setup
To find your API Key please follow the below directions or reach out to   1.       Click the Administration ribbon tab at the top of y...
Revel Setup
Please email your Account Manager at Revel or to request a Third Party Connect with Zuppler.  Then Revel will be able to provide th...
Pixel Setup
The reseller will do the setup.  Zuppler will email your reseller setup documentation.  For the menus: Zuppler pulls all active items
Clover Setup
We need your username and password Zuppler pulls all menus
Upserve Setup
Zuppler will reach out to the Upserve API team.   Upserve will advise what POS Username and Password is engineered for Zuppler to use
Lightspeed Setup
Your account manager will email you the login URL for the connection.  Once received you will follow the below instructions.  Enter your Admin Username...
Bypass Setup
If you do not have the below information please email Information needed API Key  Venue ID Menus are published when the cli...
Brink Setup
Please email  the below letter: Token Request Template: The following template should be used by your client whenever yo...
Checkmate Setup
Location ID can be provided by your Checkmate Account Manager Checkmate menu configuration completed before Zuppler can begin
Chowly Setup
API Key can be provided by your Chowly Account Manager Chowly menu configuration completed before Zuppler can begin