What is Customer Connect?

Customer Connect is an easy-to-understand name given to Zuppler's order workflow feature that gives visibility into the status of the orders. A workflow is a map of a process that flows through sequential steps. 

The order workflow automates sending email and SMS notifications to your restaurant/food business as well as your customers to keep you and them informed about the status of the orders.

Customers can also track their order status displayed and updated on their order confirmation page after successfully placing the order.

Below is the screenshot showing how a full list of order statuses with time and description will appear to the customers:


Components of Customer Connect

Here is the list of components used in the Customer Connect feature:

  • Node – it’s a state/step the order flows through (identified by the enclosed rectangular or eclipse figures). It includes elements such as info and action (or actions) to be carried out on reaching a particular node.
  • Info – includes name and description of the node. (Only the name is visible in the node.)
  • Action – an operation performed by a node when the order reaches a particular node. We have several predefined actions within our system.
  • Transition – a transition is a flow represented by the arrow (as shown in the following screenshot) that marks the direction of the order. The arrow turns green showing which path/flow has taken by the order.
  • Events – the event is an outcome that triggers the order to move from one node to the other when a certain type of action/condition takes place. Events may include signals, calls, the passage of time, or simply a state change.


Note: The node highlighted in orange color shows the current state of the order in the workflow as shown below: