Discount section is visible under the profile tab in the control panel of the restaurant,

Follow the given steps to apply a discount:-

After the above step, the following tab will appear on the right side of your screen,

After defining all the Settings labelled 1 - 8, you need to mark the days available via setting labelled #9 the days unchecked will render this discount unavailable for those days, This is especially useful when you want to increase sales during the low hours of the week.

NOTE: Both First Time User & Promo Discount can be made available for only certain days of the week.

How to Apply Day of the Week Discount

The customer will be shown the days on which the offer is applicable,

Once the customer chooses the days of week discount, a confirmation comes on top of the screen confirming that the offer has been applied.

In this example the discount is available for Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, so if the day selected by the users is outside of these days then the system will give an error message as shown below.

Below the Day selected is Sunday (July 4th, 2020)