Discount section is visible under the profile tab in the CONTROL PANEL 

When you click    the following tab will appear on the right side of your screen, Have the PROMO DISCOUNT checkbox checked

UNIQUE CODE  Radio button Checked:-This is used when you want to give all of your customers the same promo code. You can define the code as numeric/alphabetic or alphanumeric.

MULTIPLE CODES  Radio button Checked:-This can be used when you want to give a discount to customers with separate promo codes.

After saving you can download the codes in an excel file. And share the codes with the users.

How to Apply Promo Discount

When the customer clicks on the promo code,the following pop-up will appear in front of the customer,Now he/she can easily enter the promo code and get the discount.

After clicking on OK, a confirmation tab comes on top of the screen as shown below message confirming or rejecting if the discount was applied or not.:-

 Discount Applied Message

 Discount Invalid Message