Discount Types

  • First time user discount

  • Promo code discount

  • Promo codes that have a set use limit

First time user discount

When it comes to trying something new, especially food, customers can be hesitant to try something new, but by offering a first time user discount, the idea of saving a little bit of money can easily sway new customers to place their first order. 

Key facts:

  • Valid for first time customers only (customers who have not setup online ordering account through your menu and has placed an order using that account.) 

  • One-time use only - Once a customer has created their online ordering account, signed in, and placed their order with the redeemed first time user discount, they are no longer eligible to redeem that promo or any other first time user discounts. 

  • Can create with a promo code or without a promo code

Discounts with a promo code

Using the “Unique code” discount, you can create a percent-off or dollar-off discount with a promo code. 

  • The promo code can be whatever you like as long as it only uses letters and numbers.

  • They are not case sensitive

  • *Special characters like $#!*@ are not valid for promo codes. 

  • Currently, they are not one-time use discounts

Right: Zuppler7off

Wrong: Zuppler$7off!! 

Promo codes that have a set use limit

Using the “Multiple Codes” you can create a set number of discounts with a set use limit. 

This allows you to control how many times a promo code can be redeemed. 

How it works:

  • When adding a discount Select “Multiple Codes”

  • Enter how many promo codes you want to create

  • Enter the use limit 

  • Our system will then create the promo codes which you’ll then download to access

  •  Once a promo code has been redeemed for the set use limit, it is no longer valid for redemption.