Discount fields:

Percent and amount: 

Select percent to create a percent off discount OR select amount for a dollar off discount and then enter the discount value. 

Limit to orders more than $: 

Gives you the ability to set a minimum order amount that customers must reach before tax, tip, and fees in order to redeem the discount. 

Keep blank if you do not have to require a minimum order amount. 

Order type:

You can either have discounts set for any order type or create discounts for specific order types like pickup, delivery, or curbside. 

Source channel:

Allows you to create discounts for specific channels like your mobile app for example. 

You can keep this blank to have the discount available to redeem across desktop and mobile app. 

First time user discount?

Limits the discount to first time customers only.

Promo discount?

Allows you to add a promo code to the discount that customers will enter in order to redeem. 

If you do not check this, the discount will show at the top of your online ordering menu for customers to 1-click add, if eligible. 

Click here for promo types (link to KB article with promo types)


Set the date that you want the discount to begin.


Set the date that you want the discount to end. **Our system uses Universal time (GMT) so you want to set your end date as the day after the actual day you want the discount to end. 

Example, if you want a discount to end August 3rd, set the end date as August 4th. 

Applies to:

Allows you to limit the discount for specific days of the week during the discount time period.