What are we talking about here?

These hand-held, black, self contained little units come in Wifi or Data flavored models.  They're designed to reach back to a website every few seconds, check to see if there's an order, and then grab the info and print it if there is.  Not a lot to go wrong, really.

Here's a good quick reference, should something happen.

If your ZET screen reads "Insert SIM"

This can mean one of two things, depending on the type of unit (Wifi vs Data)

Wifi: This means that there's no connection to the network and it's trying to use a Data connection instead.  If it's a network issue, then restarting the wifi router can fix the problem. 

If this does not fix this issue:

  • Click the Menu key at the top left of the keypad, then use the arrow keys to scroll down to "Wireless LAN"
  • Choose 'Select' (it's the same key at the top left)
  • Scroll down to 'Scan Networks'
  • Choose 'Select'
  • Pick the correct network, then again, choose 'Select'
  • At this point, it'll prompt you for the password.  Type in the password using the keypad (using the F1 key to toggle between numbers, lower case letters, etc) and click OK.
  • If the system is unable to locate a network and times out (this typically occurs with older Wifi models), it's most likely a hardware issue and the unit will potentially need to be replaced.  This can also show as a "No AP" error.  Please let us know right away if you get this result.

Data: This means that it's not reading the SIM card properly - this can be caused by a drop, bump, thrown into traffic, hit with a baseball bat, etc.  The sim card is located below the battery in the back of the unit, and in most cases just needs to be taken out and put back in (or blown on like an old NES cartridge).  If this does not fix the issue, let us know right away.

If your ZET is lighting up and ringing but not printing at all:

This could mean that your roller bar is not placed properly.  Look for the clear plastic cover at the top of the unit and place your finger under the tab on the top of the cover, then lift up to open the device.

At the mouth of the clear cover, there should be a black roller bar with a white gear on the left.  If you don't see this, you'll need it replaced.  Let us know right away if this is the case.

If your case isn't covered here or you're still having trouble, please feel free to respond to this or call us toll-free: (888)-987-7537 and we'll be more than glad to assist.  Let us know if you have any other questions whatsoever.